LED Solutions Sustainability Strategy Incentives
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Corporate growth initiatives relying on long-term objectives and fiscal responsibility lead to sustained profitability.

Furthermore, simultaneous alignment with the other two dimensions - social and environmental - is critical for the success of the overall sustainability strategy.

Profitability Objectives
CDVA researches, evaluates and develops optimal LED solutions to help its clients achieve sustainable enterprise profitability. Upon implementation, these LED solutions streamline client operations by reducing both direct operating costs (i.e., decreasing lighting energy consumption by up to 80%) and indirect costs (e.g., maintenance, replacement, downtime, etc.).

On the other hand, by introducing enhanced and consistent lighting to their production, office, retail and other functional areas, our clients benefit from improved labor productivity and increased sales. Taken together, our LED solutions achieve a twofold objective of cost minimization and revenue maximization. Furthermore, a long life span of LED products (10+ years) enables them to make long-term contributions to our clients' corporate profitability.

Additional profitability gains can be realized through monetary incentives available to eligible LED retrofit projects. These incentives reduce project investment and enhance project ROI. The resulting enhanced profitability contributes to financial resilience by providing companies with additional capital to withstand the impact of adverse economic and business changes.

CDVA's delivers value by providing quantitative and qualitative assessment of project investment and its impact on corporate profitability.