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The social dimension encompasses issues pertainining to the wellbeing and health of the global society.

From a corporate prospective, healthy and motivating working conditions and workplace safety are among top social sustainability objectives.

Social Sustainability
A sustainable business acts responsibly towards its stakeholders, which include employees, shareholders, industry players, local communities, and global society. With respect to their employees, organizations focus on fair treatment, benefits, development opportunities, workplace safety and healthy working environments.

LED lighting upgrades directly address the latter two of the aforementioned aspects of social sustainability. For example, previously-employed fluorescent and incandescent lighting systems were prone to inconsistent service, luminosity decay (e.g., 30% luminosity drop in the first 3 months for most fluorescents), produced excessive heat and emitted UV radiation. This often led to declining working conditions and standards of safety.

In contrast, modern LED lighting systems provide consistent and improved lighting. Specifically, proper color spectrum calibration provides an enhanced working environment, reduces eye strain and fatigue, and improves employee productivity. In addition, LED lights offer consistent luminosity levels to ensure workplace safety. Furthermore, LED lighting does not emit heat or UV. An introduction of such improvements demonstrates the importance of employee wellbeing and safety to the organization and highlights an exercise of care for its human resources.